My weakness in English

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Feb 5, 2013 16:25 learning english
When I study English, I have trouble learning the English usage, especially phrasal verbs or synonyms. I think that it's because I had studied English through grammar translation method for long. Now, I try to study English without Japanese translation as much as possible. But I'm not good at the English usage.

I have often heard that the imagination can help us with learning vocabularies like prepositions. But, how about synonyms? For example, I'm sometimes mixed up the difference among aim,goal and purpose. Of course, I can understand the difference when I look up them in a dictionary. However it's hard for me to understand the English nuance.

In spite of having an English teacher's certificate, I'm very ignorant about English. I felt depressed a little. But I happened to find this wise saying yesterday.

"The more we study, the more we discover our ignorance." by Percy.B.Shelley (a lyric poet)

This saying relieved me:) I decide to study harder than before!