I begin to be interested in other languages.

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Apr 25, 2011 15:59 language .anime. comic
I have learned German when I was at university. But, I wasn't interested in German very much then. After I graduated from university, I knew the website "Livemocha" a few years ago.Somehow, I felt like restudying German again. I had written a diary here only once. But I couldn't stick at studying it.

Nevertheless, I feel like restudying German again. Moreover, I begin to be interested in studying Italian. I ought to be fully occupied with studying English. Why do I want to study other languages?

I think that I can't be a multilingual from now. But I will learn other languages as my hobby.To begin with, I sometimes watch Japanese animations with English or German or Italian subtitles and read Japanese comics in these languages for free although they are illegal websites. These acts seems to change my mood as well as playing the trumpet:).  

Some day, I would like to write a diary in German or Italian. But, I have to study English harder in the first place.