I will try to refrain myself from this month.

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Apr 7, 2011 18:29 conversation communication life
A few people may know what I write from this, because I often wrote about it here before.

I don't work now,to be exact,I haven't be able to work since 2008. Because I have suffered from depression for about 3 years. Maybe, the person who read the recent diaries of mine won't be able to believe this thing. But this is the truth.

I became 30 years old last month at last. My parents are likely to be tired with taking care of me.My mother said,"Your recovering time is 4 years this year. How long have you been lazy?" and my father said,"If we don't give you living expenses, can you live straight? Therefore, I won't give you it from this April!" They said these things to me on my birthday….Although I would be idle, other people seem me to be so.

So, I thought that a trumpet lesson and an online English lesson won't continue from May. (It's too late to resign until the end of March.) even if I can find a part-time job. Last Sunday,I took steps in resigning a trumpet lesson until the end of April.But, unfortunately, I knew that what my father said was a lie after that. He would think I will earn an honest living if he said like that. I think he should have chosen time and circumstances!! On my birthday,at midnight,why did he tell a lie like that?
I feel very angry against him now!

So, I won't receive a living expenses from this month obstinately even if I can't find a part-time job. I won't be a GRANRODEO fan and won't take an online English lessons from May. I'll keep expenses as much as possible a month. Then I'll lose no time in returning to the platform!!

My counselor doesn't look very happy when I told my determination….She said "You shouldn't be in too great a hurry to do so,". But I don't want others that I am idle by being dependent on my parents more!