How sweet and smart you are !!

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Apr 1, 2011 18:18 dog language conversation communication
My beloved dog,Roro, she became 3 years old last December. I think that she is cleverer these days. When it's time for dinner, she enters into her house and waits for being served until I finish being ready for her feed. After I fasten a lead onto her collar, she has been sitting to hold the end of a lead in her mouth until I finish to be ready for taking a walk. She has been able to do these things since she was 2 years old….

My mother doesn't usually take care of her very much. Taking a walk with Roro is almost my father's role,sometimes, I help him. feeding her is my role. But,I noticed that breeding her is my mother's role. It's likely to be her hobby. When I noticed that, Roro mastered new things. For example…

<These lines are all Japanese.>
(I)"Roro,Do you want to eat this? Want? Give me an answer!"
(I)"If you sit on that chair, I'll give you this."
(R)(She goes to the chair and sits down on it.)

And,these last few days, she can do as follows;
(I)"Roro, please bring me a ball!"
(R)(She holds a ball in her mouth and approaches me.)
(I)"Thank you! Put it on my hand correctly."
(However,sometimes,she drops it.)
(I)"Try it again!Roro!"
(R)(She picks it up and puts it on my hand.)
(I)"You're so smart~!This is a reward!(a piece of vegetable)"

At first,she didn't bring me a ball unless I showed her some feed.But now she can bring it to me even if I have no feed. I wonder how she understands our language.

By the way, the picture was when my mother had lunch last Sunday. Maybe,Roro thought to get leftovers from her. Although she didn't get anything, I think that that action like that is really sweet:D. Don't you think so?