The first step toward returning to society

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Mar 12, 2014 21:16 life
I'm afraid of communicating with others a little because of long time recovering.
So,I decided to do volunteer work as rehabilitation training and looked for it on the internet at the beginning of this month.

Then, I found an activity of volunteer learning supporter for children near my house.
I observed the activity last Sunday. The promoter is younger than me and he offers a place where children of low-income home can study. In addition to this activity, he established a tutorial cram school whose tuition was lower than that of major cram schools two years ago.

After I told about myself a little, he recommended me to take a part-time job interview of the cram school. He contacted his business partner who operates the cram school soon.

Yesterday, I had the interview with the operator of the cram school. Then, I concluded a temporary agreement as a part-time tutor. I'll receive a training since next Saturday.

I had a stroke of unexpected good luck!!

Honestly, I can't overcome a fear of communicating with others yet and I'm worried about a gap of 6 years. However, I finally took a step forward. I'll do all I can :)