A compromise plan

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Jul 1, 2017 15:24 life
As I wrote before, the cram school which I work for is troubled by a labor shortage now. It's a lack of a math teacher. Nevertheless, my boss didn't write about terms on the help-wanted advertisement. So, an applicant who can't teach math had a job interview last month. I think my boss is a little thoughtless.

The applicant gave a few English lessons tentatively.But she refused to teach math when my boss tried to ask her to do it. Therefore, my boss wouldn't hire her at the beginning. After I heard his decision, I was afraid to give summer courses without any helper this summer. Therefore, I proposed that I taught math as a main tutor and she taught English instead of me. Although that was an unsatisfactory proposal because I had an English teacher's license, I wanted to take any help I could get.

Probably, it must have been a good proposal for my boss. The proposal was received by him soon. I will do my best though I'm worried if I can teach math well.

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