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May 27, 2016 11:00 life
These days, I want to work during the daytime again. Now, I only work at a cram school as a tutor in the evening twice or three times a week. Tutoring is a challenging job,but I don't like to go to work in the evening.

I longed for a job offer from a school board of Kanagawa prefecture until the middle of this month. Unfortunately, there seems to be little indication that I can work at a junior high school as a part-time teacher like last year.

Therefore, I began to look for a job which I can work during the daytime. Last week,I found a job of supporting junior or high school students who can't go to their school because of mental health problems. Although I may have little opportunity to teach subjects, I want to work for children. So, I had an interview last Tuesday.
I've waited for the result for the past few days. I want to hear it soon:)

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