Honorable and ideal women

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Mar 5, 2014 16:28 life movie language
I like to watch documentary TV programs and films.
Recently, I watched two documentaries about wonderful women on TV.

One of them was a trailer of a short documentary film, The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life. I hadn't known about Alice Herz-Sommer who was the world’s oldest pianist and holocaust survivor at all. However, I was fascinated by the trailer. The reason might be that I like music. If anything, I was so impressed by her mild expression. I can't smile like her if I were her. When I watched it, I wished that I'll be such a nice old lady. Three days ago, I was glad to hear that this film won the Oscar for documentary short.

This is the trailer.

The other was a Japanese documentary TV program. In the program,a simultaneous interpreter, Mariko Nagai was featured. She has over 40 years experiences as an interpreter. When I watched it with my mother, we had to take our hats off to her for her enthusiasm about her job. I want to work earnestly like her after I get well again in the near future. I found some articles about her. If you're interested in these articles,please read them :)