HDD is full!

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Jun 8, 2017 22:58 life
A few years ago, a video tape recorder broke down. So, I didn't have any recorder for a few years. But I got a new Blu-ray recorder last month.As I wrote before, it has more functions than the video tape recorder. I might have been out of date for a long time.

I have recorded a lot of TV dramas and documentaries automatically on the Blu-ray recorder's hard disk drive since I got it. First, I thought its hard disk drive wouldn't be full soon because its capacity is 500GB.But the recorder told me that it would be full in a short time yesterday. I was surprised and I realized that I didn't have enough time to watch such a lot of TV programs that I recorded on the hard disk drive. I should erase some of them and select TV programs which I really want to watch from now on.

By the way, I wrote about a DVD disc that I couldn't eject from my PS3 before. I gave up the DVD until last Sunday. But my father broke up the PS3 and saved the DVD disc unhurt. Wow! It's a miracle for me!!