I enjoyed karaoke at home.

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Dec 2, 2012 17:25 music
Last month, I found that PS3 was adopted to an online karaoke system. The karaoke player in PS3 is equipped with a recording function and a scoring function. Users only have to prepare a USB microphone and pay the money for tickets. (1day ticket=about 3 dollars/ 1 months ticket=about 10 dollars)

Yesterday, I bought a 1 day ticket and had been singing for a few hours. After that,I sang myself hoarse :(. As my mother who is a vocalist heard my voice, she said "Your vocalization wasn't good! You're really my daughter, aren't you?" I felt embarrassed a little. However, I could change my mood thanks to karaoke. I wanna sing when I feel down :)

Although the photo I took with my cell phone was not clear, I'll show it to you to help understand my story.

I love to sing "From a Distance" sung by Bette Midler♪