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Sep 28, 2012 17:28 reading life
I often go to my local library. I usually go there to borrow some foreign books. But I tend to borrow essays or autobiographies in Japanese these days.

Especially, I'm interested in some books written by a noted doctor. He is Shigeaki Hinohara, the 100 year old active physician. He had a talk with various people and wrote books about those talks. I read two books about his talks. One of them is with a handicapped painter who paints pictures by only his mouth, Tomihiro Hoshino. The other talk is with a handicapped sportswriter(But he is an elementary school teacher now.), Hirotada Ototake. Although I happened to read both talks by handicapped peoples, their talks with Dr.Hinohara taught me a lot of lessons and roused me to activity.

In the same website, I found articles about two peoples except Dr.Hinohara.

Tomihiro Hoshino

Hirotada Ototake

As for Dr.Hinohara, he began to use Facebook since this year! He is so energetic person, isn't he?

If possible, I want to read this sort of books in English :)