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Sep 19, 2012 18:22 life dog
In the latest diary, I wrote about finding encourage sayings to change my mood. One of this habit is using the calender of the same series every year. It is made by Hallmark Japan. The calender has pictures of cute dogs and encouraging phrases on monthly pages. For example;

"When you were at a loss, you should listen to the voice in your heart."
"You can take care of most things as far as there is the sun."
"I want to lean a method to stand up better than a method not to fall down"
…and so on.

When I knew the calender of this series five years ago, it captured my heart. So, I have bought the calender of this series since then. Therefore, I keep old pictures I clipped from used calenders without disposing them.

Last week, I found the calender of next year. So, I bought it on impulse. My mother said that I was hasty. But I won't regret buying it! If I found it at the end of this year, I would do so:)

Do you have any favorite things like this?