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Sep 16, 2012 14:16 english learning j-pop
I wrote about praising myself before. ( http://lang-8.com/20113/journals/1652608/Praising-myself ) These days, I try to write impressive sayings down at the end of the diary. Those sayings I chose were proverbs or sayings of great men or the lyrics and so on. I look forward to finding nice sayings everyday. They encourage me when I feel down :)

Probably, you must know more famous sayings than I. So, I'll show you the lyric of my favorite song. This is a Japanese song, I try to translate a part of the lyric from Japanese into English.

A person knowing the future falls into an abyss of despair. But nobody knows the future.

So there can not be despair. Because there is always a hope unless we knows the future. Though there is not even a guarantee, we can live.

This part of the original is as follows;

zetsubou toha mirai wo shiruhito ga ochiiru mono

dakedo mirainante darenimo wakaranai mono

zetsubou nante arienai

ningen ga mirai wo shiranai ijou

kibou ha tsuneni arunodakara

hoshou datte naikedo ikiteikeruyo


It's difficult for me to translate the lyrics from Japanese into English. However it's very fun♪ I'll try to translate other songs to practice writing!

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