I may be a miser.

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Aug 18, 2012 15:34 life
I've been staying at home to recuperate for about 5 years.Then I don't work at all. I wasn't an extravagant originally. But I tend to tighten my purse strings more firmly these days.

Two years ago,I forgot my position as an unemployed person. When I felt better, I attended live concerts four times. My parents scolded me for living beyond my means. So, I began to practice self-control.

But, I think I go to extremes this year. Even if things I want aren't so expensive, I hesitate to buy them and always think whether they are essential for life. Due to this thought, I sometimes think almost all my personal effects may be useless and want to throw them away on impulse.

This thought is stinginess rather than frugality, isn't it? (^^;