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Sep 1, 2017 11:58 life
The summer vacation ended and September has begun. I couldn't post entries for about two months because I was busy working as a tutor and studying to get a certificate, J-SHINE. Owing to a manpower shortage,I had to teach math more than English during this summer vacation.It was hard time for me to teach math. I hoped that the summer course ended soon.

Yesterday, I was happy until I arrived at the cram school because it was the final day of the summer course. But I heard a sad news the moment I arrived there. It was the report of my former student's death. I taught the student for about three years when he was a high school student. He had no father. So he sometimes visited the cram school and asked my boss 's advice about his future after he graduated from high school. According to my boss,he was sometimes worried about his existence value. He committed suicide at his house. He was only 20 years old.

To tell the truth, I wanted to commit suicide when I suffered from the antidepressant withdrawal symptoms for several years and I was also worried about my existence value then. Therefore, I can understand his thought a little.But I didn't want him to kill himself. Although I didn't know what I could do, I wanted to talk with him before he decided to do so.

To sort out my feelings, I post this entry today. But it was not so simple.Now I just pray for his happiness in the next world.

Thank you for reading this entry. I want to write a good news next time.
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