An unexpected development!!

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May 23, 2012 22:04 life
In the middle of April, I asked another doctor for a second opinion because I have suffered from depression for about 4 years. At that time, I heard incredible truth from him. After I talked about my physical condition a little, he said…

"You don't seem to suffer from depression because those condition aren't its symptoms.Maybe you will suffer from a sleeping disorder. So, you need to be in a hospital for 1 month to examine your sleeping pattern."

・・・・What?? It was a puzzle to me. Furthermore, he brought me an unbelievable result of MRI while in the hospital.

"According to this result, you probably suffer from the hypothyroidism. It is natural that you have felt bad for 4 years. You haven't ever had proper treatment."

I had been absent-minded for a while. I wanted to cry out when I met my previous doctor in the hospital!! However,I didn't because I understood it's a meaningless act.

Therefore, I look for a new doctor to have proper treatment after I left the hospital. It's difficult for me not to regret wasteful time for about 4 years. But I try to think positively as much as possible.

Today, I saw this movie to change my mood. I enjoyed myself very much♪

What will be,will be!(^O^)/

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