Please excuse me for my long silence.

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Dec 30, 2016 22:46 life
I couldn't come here for about 5 months. Although I was not in bad health,I was busy for a long time.Somehow, I didn't feel like writing here.

Last August, my father had sciatica and he couldn't move for about a month. So, I had to walk my dog by myself every day and sometimes helped him with his work while I worked part-time at a cram school. It was so hard for me.

After my father got better, I was busier than before at the cram school because of a labor shortage. I really wanted to quit this job and registered myself as a part-time teacher at both public schools and private schools. I hadn't wanted to be a teacher at private schools because I didn't go to such schools and didn't know their atmosphere. But I had no time to lose!! I don't want to work at this cram school any longer !

Two days ago, I had a job interview at a private high school. I'm afraid that I didn't have a positive response. I would probably fail the interview,but I don't give up!! I'll try again until next spring.

Thank you for reading my entries this year. I'll write more entries next year.

I wish you a Happy New Year!
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