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Apr 9, 2016 14:39 life
Last week, my mother felt unwell because she had no appetite. But she didn't have any stomachache and heartburn. So, she thought it might be caused by stress and got a tranquilizer and took it last Sunday. The next morning, her speech was slurred and she couldn't get up at all. They were just like symptoms of a cerebral infarction. Immediately,my father called an ambulance and took her to s hospital.

Fortunately, the symptoms were not caused by a cerebral infarction, but by a side effect of the tranquilizer and malnutrition. The cause of her poor appetite seemed to be an inflammation of her throat. She was hospitalized to have some examinations. I felt greatly relieved when I heard the results.

Tomorrow, she will leave the hospital because the results of the examinations were almost good. This time, I could realize the value of my parents and my ignorance about domestic duties.