What we talked in today's English class :o

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May 30, 2012 23:31
We talked about these questions :D

what's subjects have you enjoyed ?
   →I enjoyed studying mathematics, science, computer, and English :D
what subjects have you always good at ?
   →I'm good at math, Sports(school activity :D)
what's the most useful subject you've ever studied ?
   →uhhh, Computer, math are useful for my work.
who's the best teacher you've ever had ?
   →you are the best :D
Have you ever done a course in your free time ?
   →I always do lang-8, facebook, skype :D
Have you ever written a thesis or a very long esssay ?
   →Yes I have. when to graduate in my college...
Have you done a lot of exams in your life ?
   →Yes! to enter my high school, college, company, to promote, a lot of tests...tired
What's the most difficult exam you've ever passed ?
   →exactly your test will be the most difficult. please make it easy :D

How do you think about those questions ??

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