Today's English class. memo.

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May 17, 2012 00:10
MEMO!! please guess my effort in this english class...

1. Report recent situations.
2. what things are you interested in.
3. Culture shock

1. Report recent situations.
everyone can buy products.
try to keep my motiation.
don't have really smile.
How do you decrease the price.
cost about "payback system" make a contract.
Work abroad.2 new employee in my team.
doing buisness as new employee.
My 1st child is jealous towardsthe 2nd child.

Sony Panasonic Organic Electronic Device.
I cannot imagine to make a good relations between them.
But to beat competiters, it's important to make alliance.
Australia, Paris, Netherland, German, Queen's Day.

2. what things are you interested in.
Alexander: teacher in English class.
wales university @ Abersystwyth :
histry and modern history.
Abersystwyth located in English and Welsh.
Welsh, Scots, - Celtic.
Germmanic - Germanic.
Alexander like ×Sailing, yotting,diving ○
Caving, hiking toward mountain.
There is Haidrian's Wall in border from England to Scotland.
There is dyke in border from England to welsh.
England people look down other regions. <-- is it true??????

3.Culture shock:
met with welsh people in welsh univ.
Italian: fine, German: keep time strictly
England,Australia: gavernment employee have a long vacation

Crack: The slang of "try".
Apple TV crack the marcket in TV.
will check what gesture means inpolite.