Interesting phrases in Japanese :D

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Dec 18, 2011 13:15
I wrote that the English phrases about..

thx : thanks
lol: laugh out loudly

are known by native children.
I surprised that. Native children know the knowledge I don't know...(No wonder)
But I noticed, when I was a child, I played by using Japanese phrases.

・フトンが吹っ飛んだ : The bed was flied away.
・枕をなくしてお先真っ暗だ : I disappointed because I lost a pillow.
・犬がいぬ : There are no dogs
・ネコが寝ころんだ : The cat lie.
・パンダのパンだ : This bread is this panda's
・サバをさばく : We clean a mackerel
・ガラスのカラス : The crow made from glass
・鷹だったかな? : Is it an falcon
・インコのウンコ : A big one from poll parrot
You think they are normal phrases.
But We(Japanese children) feel special inspiration from them.

Let us check the pronunciation
(Futon ga Futtonda.)
In this sentence, The subject "Futon" and the predicate "Futton-da" is similar.
just it.
it is a just bit interesting for me.... isn't it ?? :D

If you have a chance to meet Japanese, you may say these sentences :k :k pya.

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