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Dec 17, 2011 13:10

The one of difficult grammar of English for me is to select preposition.

■ Marker of location (存在する場所を指し示す)
The manual is on the shelf. (マニュアルは本棚の上にある)
The book is in my desk. (本は私の机の中にある)

■ Marker of time (時間を指し示す)
She worked for more than eight hours. (彼女は 8 時間以上働いた)
He has worked since 1970. (彼は 1970 年から働いている)

■ Marker of place (場所を指し示す)
She lives in the city. (彼女は都市に住んでいる)
I live at no. 44 New York Street. (私はニューヨークストリート 44 番地に住んでいる)

■ Marker of movement (動作の方向を指し示す)
She went to the office. (彼女は事務所へ向かった)
This is a great leap towards the output of the project.

I learned this basic knowledge in my room...
From the book.
I think you can use them naturally...
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