Japanase sweets made in kyoto.

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Aug 28, 2011 10:19

How do you do recently? :D
I’m fine, so I’m going to Spain to participate in a festival called “tometina.
I’m so incredible waiting to arrive at the place :D
But in Spain, I should be careful a pickpockets.
The rate of unemployment was up over 20%, I think it’s dangerous… +(

By the way, I got a Japanese sweets yesterday.
The name of that is “Nakamuraya” Japanese sweets make from a tea.
I got five sweets, and each of them has each taste.
The common point of them is what has a little taste, not strong taste.
I like a little taste than a strong.

In Spain, I think the sweets made in that place have commonly a strong taste.
I also think that taste is consisted from oil, wine, and any flavoring.
I’m worrying about the difference of the taste.
I’ll take care about feeling of unwellness.

Good luck :D