The train I always use for going to office.

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Aug 23, 2011 21:20
Today, I have to work at my office.
Lots of the works await me.
I had finished working at 17:15 today in japan.
After working, I always ride mono rail train from “Kadomashi” to “minamiibaraki” station.
I transfer the train at minamiibaraki station and go to juso station by Hankyu line..
But today, I rode over the minamiibaraki and arrived at banpaku park station.

This station was built for holing the Osaka Exposition .
This event had been hold for 6 months, in 1970 3/15 to 9/13.
I didn’t still born, but my father and mother have been there when they are young.
Now, this place is used as a park which has a Japanese garden, a pool, and a theme park. (theme park now closed )

After rode over, I went back to transit station and go back to juso station.
I maybe experienced a dead time to ride over the transit station.
But I think it’s good to remember about Osaka expo.

Whenever I would like to go to expo will be hold somewhere in the world.