John Travolta and a massage practitioner

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May 10, 2012 23:22
John Travolta found a massage practitioner whose price was $200 in 1 hour on the net, and Travolta made reservation.

The massage practitioner couldn't recognize that the client is Travolta till Travolta picked him up with Travolta's black Lexus.
The massage practitioner said there was a condom on the dashboard.
The massage practitioner and Travolta went to Beverly Hills Hotel.

They came in the room, so Travolta became naked.
Travolta's dick was half eric. (The massage practitioner said like that in a court.)

When the massage practitioner started massage, there was no accident till about 1hour.
But after 1hour, Travolta started to stroke the practitioner's leg and took hold of practitioner's dick.

The massage practitioner told to Travolta not to sex with clients.
But Travolta told that "I want to rub for you in return", and He told "Come on, dude, I'll jerk you off!!! ".
(The massage practitioner said like that in a court.)

Travolta said that "Gay Jews have control of Hollywood. They need my body in return to my success".
In the end, Travolta left the room after he paid $400.

Now, the massage practitioner took Travolta to the court. He demanded $2,000,000 to Travolta.

After that Travolta said he wasn't in L.A at the day and he was in east coast.
He is denying that.