Visual Kei and comics for girls (Boys' Love) 

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May 7, 2013 20:18 日本 漫画 腐女子 やおい 風と木の詩 ジルベール 少女漫画 BL Boys-Love Japan Manga comic fujoshi Yaoi
Visual Kei and comics for girls (Boys' Love) 

BL (Boys' Love = homosexual love appearing in comics for girls) has a long history, and it goes back to The Poem of the Wind and the Trees (風と木の詩) which was started in the 1970s.

People never called homosexual love Boys' Love nore Yaoi in those days. Although the manga had never hard-core pornography scenes like Yaoi, it was pretty shocking for young girls.

Auguste Beau, who is a very beautiful young man and an adopted son of the house of Cocteau, raped by his elder step-brother, Peer in his own youth. Peer's wife, Anne Marie is so jealous of Auguste and she seduces him to separate the relationship between Peer and Auguste. She has an illicit child between Auguste and her, and the child is the main character of this manga, Gilbert Cocteau.

Anne Marie exposes Gilbert and Auguste nurses him with distorted love.
He abuses Gilbert - first physically and emotionally and later sexually.
Gilbert is starved of affection and after sent to a boarding school by Auguste, he lives like a male prostitute.

Gilbert meets Serge Battour who has straightforward character at the dormitory. Serge is not a gay but he manages to save Gilbert from his cursed life, and finally he loves Gilbert.

I have known this manga since I was an elementary schoolgirl.
Honestly, I don't like the story so much since it is a heavy love and hate drama. Anyway, it was a shocking story for young girls.

"You read this? How disgusting! It's embarrassing!"

My friends and I said so and we passed comics around and read them in turn.


ビジュアル系と少女漫画 (Boys Love)

今日はビジュアル系や少女漫画の中でたびたび題材とされる、BL(Boys Love)について書こうと思います。(以前も書いた題材ですが...)

その頃は、現在の Boys Love などという軽い呼び方は無く、Yaoi という言葉もありませんでした。「風と木の詩」は現在の Yaoi のような露骨なポルノ描写こそありませんでしたが、当時かなり過激な内容の少女漫画でした。