Health damages caused by Fukushima accidents Part 2

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Oct 14, 2013 16:33 Fukushima nukes Japan
Mr. Edano said no immediate risk

Some mothers and children who were anxious about radioactive contamination, evacuated from the districts near Fukushima to Western Japan.
One of the mothers said that her children's nose bled in those days and she doubted if her children's school lunch was contaminated by radioactivity. They lived in Kyushu at that time and other school children who had lived there before had no health damage. But the mother couldn't believe all other food except what she bought from shops featuring radioactive contamination free.

That time, I found some videos on Youtube that appealing their health damages caused by radioactive contaminations. The health damages were nosebleeds, loose bowels and cardiac infarctions.
Recently, I hear that deformed children born around Fukushima are increasing.

However, I rarely hear such health damages caused by radioactive contamination over a TV network.

In my opinion, some people are too nervous about radioactivity. In some cases, I can't distinguish between mental illness and physical illness. In other cases, the health damages might be caused by radioactive contamination. People who have those health damages may be increasing in the near future, just like Edano's words, no immediate health risk, but there may be future health risk.