Girls love herbivore boys (草食系男子)

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Dec 1, 2013 18:00
Do you know hervious boys? I don't know if people who live outside of Japan use this word, nor from when the wold became popular in Japan.

Hervious boys are men who look kind and delicate.
Such type of men were disliked in the old days of Japan.
Nowadays, many girls love such type of men.

I've loved the type of boys who look delicate and kind since I was a young girl.
Maybe, my favorite male musician in my childhood was the pioneer of those hervious boys.
Some love songs created by the male musician became quite popular in those days. He was already over 30 years old, but his voice were so high like an woman.
His created love songs were pure and painful so that they struck a chord with the young listeners like me. I had less money when I was a young girl but I bought almost all his music albums and listened to them until they were worn out.
Some people thought of him as a sissy from his sad love songs and his high-tone voice. Some men hated him because of his image.
I also thought of him like a graceful gentle man murmuring words of love. However, he was not such a man actually. He was, if anything, a strait‐laced person like an old Japanese man. He was shy and couldn't say any sweet words to young girls like those in his love songs. He was a quarrelsome person who had violent opinions.
He even showered abuse on his fans.

I didn't know his real character until I was grown up.
I hear his acrimonious speaking now. It makes me laugh.
I still love him.