After Fukushima

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Oct 13, 2013 12:20 Fukushima

Japanese people had a severe shock from Fukushima nuclear power plants' accidents that happened more than 2 years ago.
When they saw the nuclear explosions of Fukushima, anyone said that they no longer needed any nuclear power plants and stop the explosions immediately!
Since then, the Japanese government has made every effort to suppress the facts of severe problems caused by Fukushima accidents and almost all Japanese companies have kept silence about them.
Instead, the companies are very happy to make every effort to reduce their use of electricity to cope with global warming issues.
Global warming issues are much more important than Fukushima accidents for them?
Probably, Yes.
Thanks to their efforts, people are gradually losing interests about Fukushima.
Now nuclear power plants' supporters outnumber the people against them.
They say that if you are against nukes, you shouldn't use electricity!

Nuclear power is not only the way to make electricity.
Electric power companies just monopolize the market in Japan.
Many people know it, but ignore it, since they have money and they are protected by the Japanese government.

If the second NPP accident happens, who will deal with the accident?
The electric power companies will probably say that they have no responsibility, and the government will just put the blame on them.
People will again say that stop the explosions immediately, they no longer need any nuclear power plants!

They are just like the boy crying wolf!
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