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Jul 18, 2012 23:41
Do you know samgyetang (chicken soup)?
It is one of the traditional foods in Korea.
In particular , we often eat that on canicular days.
Canicular days consists of three days - Chobok, Zhoongbok and Malbok -
which were made for eating healthy foods.
Today is Chobok. So I went to the grandma's house with my family and relatives.
We had samgyetang (chicken soup)

There are many kinds of ingredients such as chickens, Oriental material, chives, and glutinous rice etc.
First, Put the water with chicken and herbal medicine into the pot.
and then boil more than one hour.
After a while, you should check out whether the chicken is bleeding after sticking with chopsticks
If it's not bleeding, you could eat it.

If you cannot eat chicken, I would like to recommend you to eat "Boiled Duck", which is second best. ha ha