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Testimonials from friends

She is so great! I love her painting.
I'm so grateful to be one of Yumi's Lang-8 friends! She has been very helpful so far and I appreciate her corrections on my journal entries. And she has beautiful painting skills :D I'm a bit reluctant to correct her entries because I think she conveys her ideas in English quite well!
Yumi is a good friend.Although we don´t speak too much I know she is here when I need her
Yumi is my best friend and is part of my family. She stands out from most people by being loyal, humble,understanding,conscientious,and FUN!! She is defiantly The Wold's Nicest and kindest Person!! I'm blessed and grateful to Have Yumi as a true friend! またあしたね いちばんのともだち!ネバーギブアップ!!! BFF :) hank You soooooooooooooo much for chatting with me on Skype and teaching me 日本語!It was an honor to meet you and may God keep you and your family safe!
Mable Chen
hi,yumi.glad to be ur friends
WOW is Yumi's English rockin'! Too good for me to edit or improve -- and I'm American!

Yumi is a really helpful and friendly person. If you get to have a chat with her on Skype, you will come to understand that she views learning as something that will happen naturally through having fun and _doing_! Just chat and relax! I really recommend you get to know her if you need a Japanese friend to help you with your language learning.
i a c c e p t y o u a s m y f r i e n d... ♥ i don't understand Japanese and i can only read a little of it..
yumiさんis incredibly kind, incredibly thoughtful, incredibly enthusiastic and incredibly helpful to me (really!! all of those things!) In addition to being a thoughtful and thorough "corrector" on lang-8, she loves to speak English and to help people like me with their Japanese on Skype. Not only is talking to her helpful for my Japanese, but we have lots of fun talking about everything under the sun!
many thanks for being my friend here at lang-8... happy new year to you and your family ^^, thank you for reading, correcting, editing, commenting on my journal... let us write more this 2010 ^^,
Yumi is a really enthusiastic and kind person. Seeing how well she is doing with her English really encourages me to keep on trying with my Japanese.
Yumi's my best friend and is a very friendly person. She's really energetic and easy to talk to.
Yumi-san is a great English learner. Although Yumi-san is my new friend, I can feel she is very friendly and nice. Sometimes I come to her entries and read them. I found her entries are always interesting.
If you are not friends with Yumi you must be crazy. She is the absolute best! Not to mention, one of the nicest people you could possibly meet. I don't know what's up with the sheep though. Does she have a pet sheep? Does she draw pictures of sheep? Does she secretly want to be a sheep? I don't know... but I do know her kindness is as deep as the ocean.
Yumi-san is one of the most energetic persons I have ever met! She is always very positive and enthusiastic. Very eager to improve her already good English skills and at the same time helping others to learn Japanese. Yumi-san is creative and comes up with new, fun ideas how to study... And she likes to use new technologies like snapvine and skype. I always enjoy our skype team discussing English and Japanese news. Looking forward to hear her next Karaoke rendition on Skype as well ;-) とても素敵な方です。
Hey Yumi! everything is fine, I'm okay I was just testing out my japanese so how was it?
Yumiさんは、とても元気な人で英語に対する情熱ではとてもかなわないぐらい熱心に取り組まれています。 私はSecondLifeで知り合ってから、ずっと仲良くさせてもらっています。 いつもYumiさんの日記を見ると「自分もがんばろう」という気になります。 みなさんもYumiさんに元気を分けてもらって一緒にがんばりましょう。
Yumi is a very diligent English learner and a kind, helpful and creative teacher. She always corrects my journal and helps me with my Japanese. Yumi comes up with great ideas for studying languages, like using riddles to practice thinking in another language, and exchanging words with each other to write our journals with. It helps me a lot and makes it fun to learn Japanese. Thank you, Yumi!
Yumi is a great English student as well as a great Japanese teacher. She also always has something kind to say. Thanks Yumiさん。 :)
My slang group mates! Thx for join!
Yumi-san is not only a great student, but also a good teacher! I can really see her English getting more and more natural. She always takes time to correct my journal entries, and her corrections have helped me a lot. Thank you, yumi-san!
分かりました!ゆみさんは日本語が分かります! 私も日本語が分かります。日本語を勉強しています。そして、日本語の字は素敵ですよ、漢字が好きです よろしくお願いします
Samantha (サッちゃん)
Yumi is a great person! She's constantly learning and helping others learn, and she loves doing it too!

There's an ever evolving linguistic ability in Yumi, append to it her fascinating personality, and you've got a solid pupil to regard. Keep it up !