To Improve My Painting Skills

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May 30, 2011 20:31
I was so inspired by the China painting ( porcelain painting ) show that I saw in Tokyo today. All of them were magnificent!
Since I am planning to have my art show this November, it became a good example for me. I definitely have to prepare my own show as soon as possible.

While I was in the train, I looked for some homepages and blogs for some China painters in Japan. I discovered many good Japanese painters. I book made some of them that they became my favorite.

Since I returned to Japan, I haven't painted for a week. Although when I don't speak in English, I always become nervous, when I don't paint, I also feel the same feelings. I am thinking if I will start to take some American painting certifications for fine art that I had taken before. I quit taking them in the midway because even though I tried them many times, I couldn't pass them. I passed lower level, but I couldn't pass the toppest level. I became low every time I failed them. It was very bitter for me because I always tried my best. After that I realized that it might be strange to judge our art skills and knowledge with the certifications. So, I quite it. However, while I had been taking them, even if I couldn't pass the exams, I could learn about colors, designs and other many things from the process of creating my original painting. I already have stopped painting the fine art, but I really think porcelain painting relates to the fine art that I had learned before. After I told it to my husband, he said that he would like to support me again. So, I will take the exams again. I would love to enjoy it this time even if I won't be able to them because the important thing is to learn something and to pass the exams is not my goal.