A Skype Trouble

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May 27, 2011 21:20
Don't you have a trouble with your Skype? Since yesterday I had had a trouble with it. I tried to sign in, but I couldn't do it.
I messed up my online lesson for yesterday and chatting with my both British friend and Jewish friend.

Today I tried to sign in again to make sure if it would work. However, it still had a trouble. I also missed the conversation with my Texan friend.

However, my Jewish friend sent me a link that I can fix. So, I finally could fix the problem. I downloaded the newest version yesterday while trying to fix the problem. After I could succeed to fix it and signed in, I realized that I could look at who has kept our friendships on their friends' lists at the first sight with the new version. I cleaned up all my Skype friends whom I haven't chatted for a long time and who already deleted our friendships.

Before I deleted my old friends whom I haven't talked, I thought that deleting was rude for them. However, even if I kept the friendships, I really don't think that I would chat with them again. I thought since it was quite easy to cut off the virtual friendships, if I could cut off some actual friendships like that.