I Need To Be Used To British English

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May 26, 2011 23:09
I chatted with my British friend for the first time in a month yesterday. Before I started to chat with him, I was very scared because I hadn't listened to the British accent for one month. I had been in America. I am used to listening to American English, but I am still not good at catching British English.
However, I am planning to take many painting classes in England in the future, so I have to be use to listen to the accent.
Although my British friend is very kind, he always helps me a lot and teaches me British English.

Yesterday's chat was very fun. At the end of our conversation, I asked him if I didn't say weird things in English because I am not still confident in listening to his conversations. While giggling, he said that he felt comfortable to chat with me. When I listened to it, I was very happy. Although I love chatting with my Texan friend because he also encourages me a lot as always, I also love chatting with my British friend.

Since they always help me a lot, I also would love to help them to improve their Japanese skills. I am very lucky because I have some very good study buddies including them.