I Would Love To Improve My Weakness In English

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May 25, 2011 21:47
After I return to Japan from America, I always think that my English skills have been improving, but it is not enough. I am poor at chatting in a group conversation. Of course, it depends on the situation and the contents of the conversation. Even though I sometimes can't understand a small people's conversation, I mean that the group conversation is over six to eight people's conversation. I always can't understand what people talk even though I sometimes understand the part of the conversation. It makes me sad and lonely.

So, I would like to be able to understand it. I don't think that even if I keep on speaking one on one conversations, I will be able to understand it. On the other hand, even if I have some group conversations over Skype, it is also different from the group conversations that I experience in America. So, I would like to watch American dramas and movies more to develop my listening skills. I also would love to expand vocabulary more. When I will go to America next time, I would like to be able to understand the group conversations more than before.