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May 24, 2011 21:53
I am planning to start to blog about China painting ( porcelain painting ) in Japanese. Until I went to Michigan and met many China painters there, I never thought I would like to write about it in Japanese. I have already two blogs in English, and one of them is about China painting. So, even if I kept a blog in Japanese, I can't improve my writing skills in English. I had thought keeping a blog in Japanese was waste for me.

However, I received a lot of experiences to meet different painters in Michigan; I also think I will be able to get many opportunities in the different painting schools from now because I will go to Arizona three months from now; I also will go to Georgia eight months later, and every year I go to America two to three times. I would like to introduce American China painters, artists, painting schools and China painting in America to Japanese painters in Japanese.

I would like to make develop China painting in Japan more to introduce China painting in America through my experiences via my blog in Japanese. I hope it would help Japanese painters.