I Am In Tokyo Today

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May 23, 2011 22:13
I'm in Tokyo right now to take my regular painting class. My friend who paints was looking forward to hearing to my American trip. We enjoyed chatting in a lunch break. Since she seemed to be interested in the Michigan school, we might go there next year together. It would be fun!

I bought some Japanese brushes for my American and Canadian friends who I met in the Michigan school at the painting shop where is next to my painting school. I also bought some colors for the pansy painting that I learned there. I would like to practice to paint the pansies more, and I would love to be able to paint them perfect because I am poor at painting flowers.

Before I left America, Gay and I promised that we would chat over Skype regularly and show our artwork to improve and keep motivate up each other. Gay sent me some e-mails. She went to other school. She said that after she headed back her house, she would teach me her project that she learned at the school with her web cam. I really look forward to it!