I Am Back!

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May 20, 2011 23:04
I arrived in Japan safely and got home yesterday. Although I still have a big jet lag, I am quite fine.

I had a wonderful time there. I really appreciate my American friend, Gay, her family and her friends, my husband and my daughter.

I really think if people would like to accomplish something, we can't do it alone. We definitely need someone's help. If my husband didn't help me, I couldn't go to America. If I didn't meet Gay in the Arizona school last year, I couldn't go to Michigan. If Gay didn't help me, I couldn't take some painting classes there. So, I appreciate everyone who helped me.

While I was in Michigan, I couldn't keep a diary every day because I was busy for enjoying my life there. I hadn't spoken Japanese at all for 23 days. I think it was a great experience for me. I hope that I could improve my listening and speaking skills. I am planning to go to America again three months from now to take other painting classes in Arizona. So, I would like to keep a diary every day again to improve my English comprehension kills.
I would like to become a more diligent painter and English learner! So, I will start to paint from tomorrow again! I can't wait!!