Antiques And The Victorian Era

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May 16, 2011 11:00
I couldn't write a journal entry for yesterday because I went out with Gay far from Flint. I have been in Flint with Gay, but she has been taking me to many places.

I am a BIG fan of antiques and the Victorian era. That means I love antique shops!!!!!! So, when we have some times, we go out to look for antique shops, the Victorian houses and museums. I have visited a lot of antiques shops in Michigan and got lots of antique stuff. I started to collect hand painted old China painting stuff.

Since Gay has been learning China painting history, I also have been taught it by her. To be honest with you, before I came here, I am not so interested in American style China painting. However, while I have been looking around many antique shops with her, I have become like to American style. That is because American China painting and the Victorian era have strong relationships. I saw that an American first lady wore a very elegant pin that was made by so pretty hand painted China painting in the book that Gay has. When we go to some antique shops, we can look at such stuff there.

Once Gay, me and Stephen who were one of the Michigan school teachers went to an antique shop together. Stephen is very familiar with antiques. So, I could learn something from him. He invited us next summer we will be able to stay at his place. I can't wait!

I also bought some pairs of British style cup and saucer. I am thinking that I would like to copy old style to improve my painting skills. I think that it is a great idea.