Another Interesting Story About Languages

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May 14, 2011 11:30
I would like to write one more interesting story about a language.
As you know, I had some China painting ( porcelain painting) classes in the Michigan school. After class, many people invited me to play some board games. Of course, since I have no idea about the American board games, I had to hear how to play the games in English. It was quite hard for me, but I think I did it very well. My favorite game was Mexican domino. It was very fun.
I played it many times with my friends who paint there.

Meanwhile, I also played Bingo with many friends. Although it is very interesting, when I hear English, I don't translate English into Japanese. I always try to understand English without translating. I try to think everything in English. However, I can't catch English numbers. If the game that I am playing didn't need numbers, I could enjoy playing it without any trouble with my American friends. However, if the game needed numbers, I couldn't catch up with the people's speed. That's because I tend to translate English numbers into Japanese numbers. It took some time.

When I go out to eat French food with Gay and her husband, Bas, I told about the story to them. Since Bas is a doctor, he explained that numbers received amount of influence from our childhood education. In my case, since I got a math education in Japanese, I always think numbers in Japanese. He said that it is normal.

If you have a chance to play Bingo, please try to play it with your another language. You will realize that it is quite hard for you to keep up with native speaker's speed.