Languages Are So Complicated, Aren't They?

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May 13, 2011 10:03
I have still been staying in Michigan with my friends, Gay and Bas, and I am enjoying my life with them. Gay has been spoiling me a lot. We go out to interesting places every day.

I have an interesting story, so I would like to write about it today. Gay is a very talented, socialized and extrovert person. So, she has been belonging to a lot of meetings and groups. I have many chances to meet different people every day thanks to her. She has a China painting club here. Two days ago she took me to the club. I met many different painters from the Michigan school there.

I found a Japanese lady there. When she looked at me, she tried to speak to me in Japanese. I was so glad because I already missed Japanese. Since I came here, I haven't spoken in Japanese at all. However, her Japanese sounded very weird for me. She couldn't communicate with me only in Japanese. According to her, she has lived in America for sixty years. Her husband is American. So, she hasn't spoken Japanese for a long time. She almost forgot it. We chatted mixed in Japanese and English.

On the way to home, Gay said me that it was good for me to meet a Japanese lady in the painting club. She asked me about the contents of our conversations. After she heard my story, she said that the Japanese lady, Yuki's English was not good. She speaks English with many grammatical errors. I think it is very sad. She can't control both languages enough. Although I think her first language is already English, she still can't control it as a native English speaker. Don't you think it is sad? I really think languages are very complicated.

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