I Have No Idea About It

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May 10, 2011 12:14
I look younger than my real age since I was younger. It sometimes makes me funny. When I went to a garage sale with my Michigan friend, Gay, someone asked me if I was an exchange student or not. She misunderstood I was a seventeen or eighteen kid. While I was taking some painting classes in the Michigan school, many people were interested in me because I was the only student who came from Asia. I met many students who came from Canada, but I was the only Oriental student. So, many people asked my age. It is impossible in Japan. We don't like asking such private questions to others. We think it is rude for us.
It is OK for me that someone ask my age in America. If someone asked me the question in Japan, I think I don't like it thought.

While we were eating our lunch in our lunch room in the Michigan school, many ladies asked me my age. They also thought I was an eighteen kid. So, when I answered my age, all of them were so surprised at me. Some of them dropped their jaw and looked at each other as they couldn't believe that. I don't know why they looked at me such young.

After I told the story to Gay, she started to enjoy cheating to somebody when she introduce me to others. She always introduces me that I am an exchange student from Japan, eighteen years old. Many people tend to believe that. Oh my gosh!