My Fourth Day In America

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May 1, 2011 07:36
Although every day is wonderful, after I came to America, today was the greatest day for me. Gay and I went to some garage sales again because I love it. While shopping, I can enjoy chatting with people. I think if you would like to improve your comprehension skills, you should speak to lots of people and listen to many different accents. I found twenty DVDs and three books there. Before, I went to some garage sales, I thought I would like to ask Gay to take me to somewhere to buy some DVDs. However, I do not think I need to go there. I could get a bunch of DVDs and books. I am really looking forward to watching them in English!

Bas, Gay and I went out to eat lunch today as well. Bas who is Gay's husband took us to an Indian restaurant. While we are eating, we quite enjoyed chatting. When we were discussing about Tattoo, discrimination and culture, other customer suddenly joined our conversation. After he joined us, other two customers immediately also joined us. Until they joined us, I did not realize that our conversations were so interested for others, and they really enjoyed listening to our conversations. I was so surprised because I could enjoyed discussing about so many complicated themes with American people. I really enjoyed chatting and eating curry with them. It was so much fun!!!

Gay also surprised me this morning. When I met her this morning, she asked me if it would be possible for me to stop by her house again after the Arizona school in this coming September. She said she would like to spend two weeks with me. She and I are planning to enroll in the school, so after school, we can fly to Michigan together. I cannot believe that! I really think I am so lucky!!!! I can stay in America for one month when I come here again!!!!