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Nov 16, 2010 20:18
I sometimes worry about my accent and pronunciation when I speak in English. I know that my English sounds with a Japanese accent. So, I've been learning an American accent with two textbooks.

When I chatted with my American friend about a Japanese hologram idol, Hatsune Miku over Skype yesterday, he sent me two very funny video clips from YouTobe. Hatsune Miku is a vocaloid, so her singing voice is programed by a computer soft.

In the first video clip Hatsune Miku is singing a song in English.
The second video clip is the original one that Miku is singing.
The third one is Kagamine Rin&Len who are another vocaloids from Hatsune Miku is also singing a song in English. According to my friend, the Rin and Len's version sounds better.
The last one is original song that Luka is singing.

When I listened to their songs, I couldn't helping laugh out loud. Both of them sounds a very strong Japanese accent, called Katakana English or a Korean accent. I really hope my English never sounds like that. I also hope I will be able to improve my accent step by step.