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Dec 23, 2008 03:17
I thought of communication. My dog can't talk, but I understand what she means.For example, when she is thirsty without water in her bowl, she informs me that there is no water in it.
She turns her bowl upside down and make noise.
When I hear the noise, I find that she wants to drink water.
Or, when she wants to take a walk, she brings her lead to me.
On the other hand, she can understand what I mean.
For example,before eating,I order her to sit down.She follows me.
Or,when we walk together, she never walks in front of me.
If she walks in front of me, I pull her lead,then she follows me.
I can understand even her emotion.
For example, when she is happy or glad, she wags her tail.
And, I can understand how happy she is through the degree of wagging.
If she wags not only tails but also body, she is soooooooooooo happy.
And, she also understand my emotion.When I feel down, she comes to me and looks at my eyes. When she find that my tears trike down my cheeks,she begin to lick them. Then,she stars at me with anxiety.
We can't communicate with language, but we can understand for each other. I think this is one manner of communications.
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