My Scariest Experience

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May 30, 2010 02:59
Today I want to introduce my scariest experience to you. 8 years ago, I'd lived in next to the cemetery. In Japan we don't like living in next to the cemetery, but in our case we must transfer one place to another place every 5 to 7 years because of my husband business transfer. At that time my husband's company found the house for us, and we'd rented the house from his company. Therefore, we had no choice.

It was our first time to live in next to the cemetery. One day when I entered a room, I felt somebody was in the room. However, I couldn't see anybody. I thought it was my mistake at that time.
After a while, I entered the same room again. And then I also felt same feeling like somebody was in the room. At that time my dog was beside me. When she started to bark toward something, I recognized a little girl was standing there. However, at that time I couldn't see her figure. I don't know why I thought a little girl stood there, but I felt her spirit as if she was standing. Since I felt the feeling once, when I entered the room, I'd always felt her spirit. When my dog was beside me, she barked to her every time.

It was my first time to see a ghost. Before, I meet her spirit, I've never believed in ghosts. However, right now I can tell you that I'm believed in ghosts. She was just a spirit, but I could imagine that she was 3 to 6 years old, and her hair style was typical Japanese little girl's hair style called okappa. I've never seen her in person. In my case I'd just felt her spirit, and imagined what she looked like. I can't explain why I could imagine what she looked like that.

While we had lived in the house, my other family member had never see her. When I told my husband about her, he told me that she wasn't a ghost. She was my imagination, and my imagination created her. After he said that, he laughed out. However, I don't think so because if she was my imagination, why my dog barked to her. I guess my dog also could see her, and felt awkward feeling like me.

We lived with a little girl's ghost for one and a half years. However, she'd never gotten hurt us, and given us damages. Nobody had gotten sickness. She'd just stayed in the room. Since I didn't want to use the room, I'd used the room as a closet, and avoided to use it.
When we had to transfer to other place, I asked her not to follow us. I didn't ask her loud out. I asked her in my mind. Although I didn't hear her reply, but she accepted my favor. After I transferred other region, I've never seen her again.

Do you think that I'd lived with a ghost or she was just my imagination?