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May 26, 2010 22:57
Today I watched "Tinker Bell" in English. That's a Disney movie. In the movie I could listen to some different accented English. I guess that a narrator in the movie and some characters speak the standard British accent, a protagonist, Tinker Bell, speaks the standard American accent, One of her friends speaks the Scottish accent and other her friend speaks the Irish accent. I'm not sure though.

Before I've started to watch movies in English, I've never payed much attention to people spoken accents. However, right now I can distinguish their accents, and I'm curious how in the Japanese versions Japanese voice actors have been dubbing Japanese. In Shrek's case, he speaks Kansai dialect. That worked very effective for Shrek. I think that it looks him more attractive.

I also think when foreigners watched Japanese movies with English dabbing, how they listen to our different dialects. I'm wondering which accent is dabbed Kansai dialect. I really would love to watch Japanese movies with English dubbing.