It's Really Cool!

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May 24, 2010 00:36
I discovered an American Internet radio station yesterday, and since yesterday I have enjoyed listening to it all the time. Right now while writing this journal entry, I enjoy listening to it.
I can listen to a mount of music from the station. Most of them are close to my taste. In addition to that, since the station is live, I also can listen to conversations between listeners and the personality in English. It is really cool!

Since I have become able to understand lyrics in English step by step, while I'm listening to songs, I sometimes sing them together. It's very fun!

I can get a bunch of information from the station as well. For instance, they talk about the weather about California(that's because the radio station is in California), shopping, brand-new movies, eBay. I can listen to American commercial in English. It's interesting!
I want to listen to the radio station all the time every day.