To Keep a Motivation

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May 21, 2010 19:16
Today I watched "Nightmare before Christmas" in English. I think I could understand more than 80 percent. That's really good.

Before I have started to watch cartoons and kids' movies in English, I've never thought to watch cartoons and kid's movies would work for me effective. I've never been a fan of cartoons. However, kids' movies are very simple, and even if I couldn't understand what they say, the pictures helped me a lot. I can guess what they are talking about.
Therefore, I can enjoy watching them. If I can enjoy them, it motivate me, and I tend to feel that I would love to watch them more. I also feel a confidence like I can watch cartoons or kids' movies in English. I think that keeping a motivation is the most important thing to learn languages.

I'd remembered the days when my daughter had begun to speak and understand Japanese language. I read her a bunch of books, in addition to that she had read them alone, watched a tone of kids' shows on TV. I'm sure that after I learn a lot of simple and easy things, I could understand more complicated things easily.
Therefore, I would like to keep reading and watching lots of kid's stuff. Otherwise, it is really fun!!!