I Enjoy Practicing to Improve My Pronunciation

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May 20, 2010 06:13
Recently I have started to practice to sing a song in English to improve my pronunciation. Right now I have been practicing this song. I still can't sing the song in English well. However, I try my best.
I would love to become able to sing songs in English, and try to sing them at Karaoke.
It sounds really cool.

While I was chatting with my Texan friend, he sent me a website. When I listened to an Filipino girl sung, I was very surprised at her voice. In addition to that, after she finished singing the song, I was also amazed to listen to her interview. In the interview, her spoken English sounded like native English speakers.

To tell you to the truth, I'm a student of an online English school where all tutors are Filipino. Therefore, I'm familiar with their accents. Compared to some of my online tutors, her pronunciation is better.

I'm sure that to sing songs in English would work for me.


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